Ontario Sailing’s Old Website

Ontario Sailing was ahead of the curve and implemented a custom Content Management System before they were in widespread use.  That was back in 2005 and although it was very progressive at the time, it has been surpassed both in form and functionality by modern website offerings.

Having worked with Ontairo Sailing for years, I was well aware of their system’s architecture and the scope of what they wanted to develop in their new site.
Their old site was dated, cluttered and difficult to modify.  Some sections required advanced coding skills to modify and left staff with the difficult decision of whether to pay

hefty bills to get sponsor logos changed or deal with less than adequate information.

In developing their new WordPress site, it was going to be absolutely critical for staffers to be able to change everything themselves.  They wanted to be able to add and remove sponsors as well as the ability to give more weight to their premiere sponsors.  They wanted to add slick looking galleries and have the ability to custom crop their images and add descriptive captions.  They required a complex menu structure with the ability to change it at the drop of a hat.  And, because of the heavy traffic on the site, they needed it to be housed on a secure server that could handle the load of early spring registration traffic.

ontariosailingfeatureThe new site went live in December 2013 and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.  The partnership between Owen Bird Consulting and Ontario Sailing continues today as we work to develop new functionality in their online registration system, electronic newsletter and online store.

Check out their new site today: ontariosailing.ca


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